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The Original AKK Breed Club

AKKAOA Committees & Volunteers



Awards Committee: Make recommendations to the Board of Directors of appropriate nominees for various awards, including, but not limited to: Honorary Membership/ Life-Time Membership/ Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA Award
  • Identify and submit proposals to the Board for any new or special awards that should be initiated to recognize members for their actions and contributions
  • Look at existing awards and determine if criteria need to be better described
  • Nominate individuals for various awards

Committee Members

Linda Yates – MA - Chair – awardchair@akkaoa.orgJulie Baker - CA  

Lisa Monge – IL

Terry Wright - AK

Lenor Lynas - TN

Constitution and By-Laws Committee: (Currently Inactive)
  • Monitor and enforce By-Laws and Code of Ethics
  • Gather all facts related to any purported infractions
  • Notify the Vice President of any infractions, who then notifies the Board of Directors
  • (BOD) that a complaint has been filed and investigation has been initiated into the facts
  • Review By-Laws and Code of Ethics every two (2) years for clarifications, modifications, and other needed revisions
  • Function in a fact finding and advisory capacity for the Code of Ethics to the Board of Directors, and then to the membership


Committee Members: Carolyn Zinsser – PA - Chair


Education and Development Committee:

  • Responsible for publication and distribution of all pamphlets, flyers, etc.
  • Promote goodwill between the Association and the membership
  • Educate owners about the activities available for AKK participation
  • Develop a brochure on Q&A for breeders, pet owners, etc.
  • Develop a list of useful information on training, aggressiveness, etc.
  • Contact and send updated AKK facts and/or press releases to dog magazines and internet dog magazines/newsletters to spark interest in doing articles on the Alaskan Klee Kai; suggest and assist in writing of advertisements for national media for AKKAOA


Committee Members:

Eric Fisher – CA - Chair – educationchair@akkaoa.orgJennifer Parks – CA

Linda Solorio - CA

Julie Borst Reed – CA

Lisa Monge – IL

Patty Ramsburg

Karole Romero - NM

Lo Binkley – CA

Stella Aranda – OR

Linda Yates - MA

Sherry Nanney

Fundraising Committee:
  • Plan, suggest, and conduct all fundraising activities during the year Work with other committees to accomplish the best outcomes Maintain and enforce logo and logo usage guidelines
  • Enforce by notifying the BOD of misuse
  • Fundraising activities planned for the year to be presented at the February BOD Meeting
  • Develop AKK and/or AKKAOA Merchandise
  • Other fundraising activities may also be considered and presented to the BOD for consideration

Committee Members:  

Patty Ramsburg – MD - Chair – 

Bonnie Gabriel – TX

Mary Jones – TX

Lenor Lynas – TN

Terry Wright - AK

Virginia Skiby – CA

Jamie Weerts – FL

Paula Tacovelli – TN

Cindy Clancy - MD

Health and Medical Research Committee:
  • Advance and protect the health of the Alaskan Klee Kai
  • Develop and oversee research pertaining to the health of the AKK Develop and promote health education for members and owners of AKK Promote a global exchange of information regarding the health of the AKK Publish AKK Case Reports on the Website and in the Newsletter
  • Encourage members to report health issues by submission of Health Information
  • Forms located on the Website
  • Monitor various talk boards to identify potential health issues that need to be addressed
  • Maintain database pertaining to the health of the AKK
  • Establish a reference guide on all past health and medical research done
  • Establish a recommended health testing guide
  • Establish a recommended reading list on health issues

Committee Members:

Patricia Zengel – CA – Chair –

Alicia Adams – NV

Fran Morano – CT

Lo Binkley – CA

Julie Borst Reed  CA

Jenn Parks - CA

Sharon Hari - CA

Terry Wright - AK

Paula Tacovelli - TN

Carolyn Zinnser -  PA


Linda Spurlin-WA -


  • Encourage members to submit articles and information of member interest for publication in the newsletter
  • AKK News is published bi-monthly 6 times a year – January, March, May, July, September, November
  • All materials are the property of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America
  • All materials and information submitted for publication are subject to modification by the Editor in to comply with any regulations and may be limited by available space

Committee Members:

Terry Wright – AK –  - Editor

Bonnie Gabriel – CA - Membership Secretary

Virginia and Martin Skiby – CA - Printing and Distribution

 Nominating Committee:

  • Solicit nominations for Association officers and Directors
  • Notify the individuals nominated of their selection for the ballot
  • Obtain and report information on nominees to Secretary by January 15th of each year

 Committee Members: Appointed each year by the BOD

 Regional Groups Committee: (Currently Inactive)

       Encourage the development of regional groups interested in promoting the health and welfare of the Alaskan Klee Kai

       Guide and support the fledgling group until it can function as a viable Regional Group

 Reunion Picnic/Annual Meeting Committee:

  • Plan the annual picnic and all activities involved with the picnic Encourage membership to attend the annual picnic and meeting Develop advertisement for website, newsletter, and/or Bloodlines
  • Coordinate any programs, seminars, or demonstrations with Specialty Event Chair and Annual Meeting plans
  • Reunion Picnic/Annual Meeting occurs in different sites each year

 Picnic Chairperson for 2012: Kimberlery Ramsburg –

 Show and Events Committee (Includes Regional Groups & CA Expo):

  • Develop and implement ideas for events and put them into practice
  • Develop and implement a plan for AKKAOA to qualify for our Rally-O, Agility and
  • Weight Pull licenses
  • Be responsible for all shows and events
  • Encourage all owners to participate with their AKK in:

§  Conformation

§  Performance

§  Seminars

  • Appoint subcommittee to be responsible for Event-related advertisements and flyers
  • Develop press releases promoting AKK and AKK activities
  • Target areas in nearby show/ event sites
 Claremont, CA  

 Carlisle, PA

 Committee Members:

Patty Ramsburg – MD – Chair –

Julie Baker – CA / Sharon & Ed Hari- CA / Lo Binkley - CA

Patricia Zengel – CA / Kenny Compton - PA /Carolyn Zinsser - PA

  Regional Groups:

  • Identify core group of volunteers for the various activities required
  • Function as local committee for all AKKAOA activities throughout the country
  • Represent AKKAOA in all activities in which we participate Explore additional activities that will include Pet Owners Appoint subcommittee to be responsible for:
  • Developing Press releases and Event-related ads and flyers
  • Sending press releases to the Media about AKK events and shows, especially in those areas adjacent to sites where AKK are being showcased
  • Assuring that local event site provides ALERT information about tactics employed by anti-breed groups to harm dogs at shows
  • Perform the role of a support group for all owners of AKK in the area, including:
  • Assisting with showing dogs
  • Giving positive critiques and suggestions for ring performance
  • Encouraging socialization of other dogs by assisting in that socialization
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences in dog behavior, health, breeding, etc.
  • Encouraging AKKAOA and UKC membership and activities
Regional Groups and Contacts:

Golden West Group (GWG) - Lo Binkley – CA –

Platinum East Group (PEG) - Carolyn Zinsser – PA –

Midnight Sun AKK (MSAKK)

Currently there are 10 people on the MSAKK Yahoo Discussion Group, including AKKAOA members and non-members, AKK owners, non-AKK owners and AKK breeder hopefuls. Contact Person: Terry Wright – AK –

 Southern Steel Magnolias AKK Group (SSMAKK) -

Contact Person: Lenor Lynas – TN –

 CA Family Pet Expo:

  • Maintain materials essential to providing information to Pet Expo visitors
  • Staff the booth for the 25 hours that it is open to the general public
  • Participate in all activities, i.e. ‘dogs on parade’, demonstrations, educational sessions, etc, as requested by the Dog Breed Chairman
  • Represent AKKAOA to the general public as an example of a breed club
  • Educate the public about the Alaskan Klee Kai, including responsibilities of ownership
  • Provide information about breeder sources for interested public

 Patricia Zengel – CA –

Tally Committee: Inactive until elections

  • Tally the votes for the annual election in the manner described in the By-Laws
  • Report the results to the Secretary before June 1st


Unification Committee: (April 2009) On hold

  • Work with UAKKA to find common threads of interest that can be pursued together in the interest of the Alaskan Klee Kai
  • Bring recommendations to the BOD for discussion and implementation

 Committee Members:

Bryan Genez - MD /Patricia Zengel - CA / Patty Ramsburg – MD /Carolyn Zinsser - PA Website:
  • Encourage members to submit articles and information for the website Develop and maintain procedures for submitting new data for the website Update the website in a timely manner
  • Write and maintain Website Manager Guidelines listed below


Website Manager Guidelines:

  • Any error or dysfunction will be fixed within 48 hours of notification of the problem.
  • Material submitted for publication on the Website will be in a commonly used format.


Terry Wright - AK – Website Manager






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