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About the AKK On-Line Database

The AKK On-Line Database was launched in 2007 in response to requests from the Alaskan Klee Kai community for an accurate and detailed Alaskan Klee Kai pedigree database. It is offered as a free online service to encourage sharing of information for the betterment of the breed, and to maintain and promote a database that can be used as a research tool by participating breeders as well as the general public. Now we have a tool that permits users to easily search for background information that can be useful in identifying breeding patterns, trends, and encourage informed decision making about choosing a puppy or an addition to the breeding pool. 

With the help of the AKK community we will account for as many of the AKK as possible.  This database will provide a valuable tool for breeders and pet owners as well as much needed information on the demographics and health of our breed.


Mission Statement

We want the AKK On-line Database to include every Alaskan Klee Kai ever born, and each member of the original foundation stock, no matter the size, color, markings, UKC registration status, breeding or not. This database will allow AKK owners and breeders to compile statistical information, identify genetic trends, determine combinations for breeding, report relevant health issues, and plan for future breedings that will enhance those qualities deemed desirable for the future of the Alaskan Klee Kai. Information from this database will be helpful to researchers and veterinary care professionals, and will serve to ensure and strengthen the continuity of the breed.

Development of this database will be a continuing process. Initially, dogs will be identified, and the database populated, based on information provided by breeders and owners, and any other publicly accessible means available. Information sought at this stage is identity, parentage and progeny, geographic location, and objectively observable physical characteristics (sex, variety, coat and eye color, etc.).

Subsequent to, and overlapping with the initial development and population of the database, is the collection of information pertaining to genetic and health issues that may be problematic to the breed as a whole. In this context accuracy is essential, and only information provided by owners and breeders with first hand knowledge will be used.

This is about the dogs, and not about the people. Therefore, as much information that is available about the dogs will be included. It may be supplied by the owner, by the breeder, from websites, or from verifiable sources such as OFA, FVII database (both which have been provided the info by the owner/breeder).

Personal and contact information about individual humans will not be included if the individual concerned requests privacy.

General regional location of the dog will be included, for statistical purposes.

Volunteers who maintain and manage the AKK On-Line Database will obtain information from a variety of sources. We strive for accuracy, however errors can and will occur, therefore, if you discover any data that is not correct, please provide the Database Manager with the correct information. Your participation in making this database as accurate as possible will be much appreciated by future users.



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