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Current Board of Directors - 2013 - 2014

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Patty Ramsburg, President - Maryland

Lisa Monge, Vice President - Illinois 

Korine Falk, Secretary - New Jersey

Robin Carlstrom, Treasurer - Washington


Bonnie Gabriel, Membership Secretary -Texas


Sharon Hari, Director - California


Eric Fischer,  Director - California


Lisa Monge - Vice President ~ Bolingbrook, IL ~ July 2013


Hi!  My name is Lisa Monge, and I’d like to share with you a little about me and a LOT about my dogs.  I currently share my house with several AKK and a Siberian Husky (who grew up with them and believes she’s the “Big Klee Kai”).

        My husband Dan and I were looking for a dog to share our life with back in 2007.  We both loved Siberians, but lived in an apartment at the time, and didn’t feel we could offer a Siberian what they deserved.  We stumbled across the Alaskan Klee Kai while researching Siberian breeders, and fell in love with this “lap-sized husky”.  We investigated various breeders carefully, and applied for an AliAK puppy from Karen Street.  We checked the Available web page daily, and one day Karen posted the most beautiful black/white and blue eyed puppy on her website.  Dan and I fell in LOVE, and after an agonizing wait for approval, Karen said the puppy was ours!  We brought Honor home in August, and little did we know that she was the start of our amazing new lives completely wrapped around this breed’s little finger!

Honor was the star of her puppy class, and we both rose through the training ranks pretty quickly.  I was prepared for her high level of intelligence, but was even more impressed by her speed of processing and her insatiable drive.  Honor went on to become the first AKK to earn a rally title, and we started agility soon after.  I was completely addicted to performance!  At Karen’s suggestion, Dan and I made plans to attend Premier in 2009 to do rally.  Upon hearing that the specialty was offering the non-licensed altered class, I asked Karen if she could help me work with Honor to try it out.  Honor ended out winning Best Altered Female and I was completely HOOKED on conformation.  At that Premier, Karen also let me show her legendary grand champion Nikki – who ended out bonding quite seriously with Dan, and Karen ended out letting us have her!  And the classic Klee Kai potato chip phenomenon began.

 I am so proud of my dogs and what they have done.  It is really their energy and drive that have brought me to be the trainer and handler that I am.  My AKK and I now train and have titles in conformation, rally, agility, weight pull, obedience, freestyle, and two of them are therapy dogs.  Our family has expanded to include a breed quality female and male (Summer and Tairn), and Dan and I are so pleased to have begun Allerian Kennels in 2011.  I also joined Karen as her partner in Shiver Siberians, her Siberian Husky show kennel.  All of this experience culminated in the attainment of an amazing new job as kennel manager and head trainer for Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue in Sycamore, IL.  The rescue has enabled me to start my own training business that operates out of RHHR, and I love specializing in training AKK!  I truly have the best of many worlds: helping Siberians find forever homes, training, and of course Alaskan Klee Kai.  In AKKAOA, I have previously served on the awards, nomination, and education committees.  I’ve also had the pleasure of writing a recurring column in the AKKAOA Newsletter called “What Our Pet AKK Can Do”.  The flexibility in my new work schedule has allowed me this opportunity to become even more involved with AKKAOA!  I am very excited to do more with this organization, and to make a good impact on the breed and the people who are so devoted to it!

Korine Falk - Secretary


 Hi, my name is Korine Falk(I also go by Kory).

I live in Jackson, New Jersey. 

 I attended college and I am now Certified by the state of NJ to work in the field as an Animal Control officer & Animal Cruelty investigator, However I have had to put that goal aside right now due to taking care of my father for the past 2 years. He had a bad accident leaving him mentally and physically disabled. In my spare time outside of the dog world, I enjoy fishing, crabbing, camping, hiking, anything that involves being outside in nature. I am very open minded & always willing to help when needed. 

 I first found out about the Alaskan Klee Kai in 2007. I was reading about Siberian Huskies on the internet and somehow stumbled upon a dog that just looked way too small to be a Siberian. I clicked the link and immediately fell in love. I was in shock when I actually saw an AKK in person for the first time in 2009. I was at our local dog beach with 2 of my dogs. My Jaw dropped and like a little kid in a candy store, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I made it a goal of mine to have my very own and once I did, my goal quickly became a dream to be a part of something much more; to show in conformation, better the breed, and be more involved with the Alaskan Klee Kai community. When I saw the Klee Kai at the dog beach, the owners were a little surprised that I knew exactly what type of dog they had, and well, now I understand why they were surprised. I can’t tell you how many times Stark, my Klee Kai, has been called a Husky puppy (Lol!) - I am sure other Klee Kai owners can easily relate.

 I personally train my dogs and help others with training on the side, as well as pet sitting.  I have a wonderful boyfriend who shares the same passion as I do for animals & helps with the care of my father. (Anyone who accepts living with all the madness that goes on here and still feels right at home is a keeper in my opinion lol!). The Alaskan Klee Kai is not just another dog to me. They are incredible, loving, and intelligent companions. Stark from Shalimar Acres, has been nothing but a perfect member of our little family. I own 3 other dogs in addition to Stark. (Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Toy Fox Terrier). I am looking forward to adding another Klee Kai into our “pack”. 

Patty Ramsburg ~   July 2013 ~ President

Hello…for those of you who do not know me, I am Patty Ramsburg and I live in Maryland.  I am thrilled to be back on the Board as President and look forward to working to make our breed better alongside our wonderful Board of Directors.  Welcome to the new members of the board and a big hello to those I’ve worked with in the past.

 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for AKKAOA…

4 We are celebrating AKKAOA's 25th Anniversary, and will have several opportunities to participate in this year-long celebration.

4 We just held our very first Specialty in conjunction with Premier events in Kalamazoo, Michigan in mid-June and it was a smashing success. 

4 AKKAOA’s Specialty weekend with Reunion Picnic and Annual Meeting will take place in Claremont, California followed by 4 Multi-Breed shows July 19-21.

4 We will be holding a Specialty at Gateway Nationals in Missouri on October 24th

Sure do hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.  We are always looking for ways to incorporate activities for the breeders, handlers AND pet owners.  Bring your AKK to a local dog show…it’s a great opportunity to meet other members and their dogs.  You’ll also find it a good way to socialize your dog to both people and dogs while you’re participating in AKKAOA activities.  We’re always looking for volunteers at our events so come on out and join us!

 Finally, any ideas, suggestions or comments that you have for the BOD regarding AKKAOA, its activities or something you’d like to see incorporated are greatly appreciated. We need to know how we can better represent our membership and what you might want from us or what questions you may have.


 Treasurer - Dunkirk, MD

Hi!  I’m Patty Ramsburg and I’m happy to introduce myself to you and tell you all about the life we are living in Dunkirk, Maryland.  I continue to work in the accounting department at Community Realty Company as I have done for 10 years.  Accounts Payable/Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management and loads more fill my work days.  I’m a single mom…my daughter, Kimberley, is now 19 years old.  She’s been a huge part of the AKK life we have and I know she misses the dogs now that she’s away at school.  She is in her first year at Frostburg State University, living 3 hours away, where she is pursuing a degree in Education.  Many of you know Kim from various shows or from being part of our AKK family.  We joined the AKK Community 7 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made!

We always had huskies when I was growing up…my brother got a husky pup, Bleu, in 1994 when Kim was just 4 years-old and she fell in love with him.  We did not have the space for such a large dog so Kim enjoyed her time with Bleu. I first found out about the AKK breed in August of 2001 while surfing the web and instantly knew that this was the breed for us. I got on several waiting lists and was delighted to receive an email from Gail Compton in February of 2002 saying a puppy was available to us.  She was so cute and we named her Zoe.  Kim and I drove to Pennsylvania 2 weeks later to pick her up.  Gail said, “You know these guys are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.”  She sure was right!  We have 10 AKK now and each one is unique and special to us.  They live in our house and our lives revolve around them.

I never dreamed we’d be showing dogs or breeding them.  I went to a show in September of 2002 and Carol Din said, “Here, take Jazz and show her.”  I did and she won!  I was terrified but hooked!  We are a small hobby breeder who had our first litter in 2004 and got even more excited about our future with the AKK.  Our puppies are family raised and well socialized. We are committed to a future of breeding quality puppies. Our #1 priority is our dogs and what is best for them.  We breed for health, temperament and conformation.  Our puppies have gone to wonderful families and homes and we’re grateful for each and every one of them.  

We have AKK from Gail and Kenny Compton, Ruth Elliott and Karen Street.  They have been fantastic role models and mentors for us.  Gail Compton will forever be in our hearts as she entrusted us with our very first puppy from her very first litter.  I think about her all the time and wonder, what would Gail think about this?

In my spare time J I love to travel, all the dogs go along unless there’s flying involved.  They LOVE the beach!  We love Disney World and the only drawback to going often is that the dogs can’t go.  I also enjoy reading, cooking, baking and planning parties.  I usually have between 1 and 5 projects going on around the house at any given time... painting, demolishing, replacing or redecorating something!  I’m a neat freak and very organized and that helps me stay focused on my day to day tasks. 

I joined AKKAOA in 2002.  I have served as Treasurer for the last 2+ years and as a director prior to that.  I learn something new nearly every day and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.  I am on the Show and Event committee, among others, and am excited to work alongside Carolyn Zinsser as the east coast hosts of the AKKAOA Specialty weekend in 2009, which will include multi-breed shows and obedience trials!  WOOHOO!  We have some really exciting things happening and even more planned.  AKKAOA has a strong foundation to continue to build on.  I am thrilled to be a part of that.

Robin Carlstrom, Treasurer - Edmonds, WA 2011 - 2012/2013

   Hi!  My name is Robin Carlstrom.  While raised on Long Island, at 23 my husband I headed to the Seattle area and now I’ve lived more than half my life here.  I grew up with Pekingese and never thought I’d have another breed.

     At age 3 our son decided he wanted a husky - maybe because we live in University of Washington Husky country.  Maybe he wanted a “real” dog – one with legs that could breath and run.  However, we had 7 Pekingese at the time.  Dogs are in my blood - I was our local Pekingese Club Treasurer for 8 years (during which our club hosted 2 National Specialties), my mother was President, served on the National Board, & started a regional AKC Toy Group club.

     I couldn’t see myself with a large husky.  In 1999, in a “families living on the road” Yahoo group, a post about 2 “miniature huskies” fascinated me.  Off to the Internet, I researched all breeders with a web presence.  Our questionnaire with Eileen Gregory, explaining about 7 dogs and we weren’t really ready, was approved!

     In 2005 our son was considering the Air Force Academy, so we planned a visit.  Google Maps told me Eileen was only 30 miles from there! I needed to meet this breed before committing to one.  Our Pekingese population was now 2 older dogs, so while we weren’t actively looking we were ready for another. 

     Needless to say, our visit ended with an adorable 3-month old long coated toy AKK coming home with us!  And so it started.  Our older dogs passed on, and we added a Bbcook toy puppy in 2007.  We began attending UKC conformation shows just to bond with other AKK owners (as ours were fixed.)  I traveled to Premier in 2007 just to see more AKK (OK, my sister lives there, but I really went to see the dogs…!)

      Agility has always fascinated me, and now I had a breed that could really do it.  Our Bbcook dog is perfect for agility – he just needs a better handler.  I became very involved with TDAA (Teacup Dogs Agility Assoc).  Long story short, we’ve now opened an indoor training facility!  ( Our goal is to offer any dog performance sport – agility, rally, conformation, flyball, etc. 

     I’ve had a varied work life – in addition to the training facility, I’m a real estate agent and a part-time bookkeeper as well as acting as business manager for my husband’s architecture business.  We enjoy RV’ing (mostly to dog shows & trials though!)  Our son is now 21, engaged to be married in August 2012, and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

     Having never thought I’d have another breed, I now can’t imagine life without AKK.  We have 3 (another toy Bbcook, a Grand Champion) and our lives are very dog focused.  These dogs are amazing – intelligent (oh SO intelligent!), fun, athletic, adorable, & so much else. I look forward to helping the AKK community and meeting all of you!


Bonnie Gabriel, Membership Secretary - San Angelo, TX.

A few years ago my husband, Ron and I saw the National Geographic Show about “Designer Dogs” and saw the mini-Husky called Alaskan Klee Kai.  At the time we were living with 2 Cocker Spaniels and our 2 Sons – Brice and Carl.  We both decided that “one of these days” we would get a Klee Kai.

As the years past and the boys grew and moved out of our house, our son Carl decided he wanted a grey and white, bi-eyed, female Husky.  He was still in college and we made a deal with him, get all A’s for a semester and we would get him the puppy.  Never thinking this would happen – long story short – he made all A’s and we found just what he was looking for in a Husky puppy. Jessie came to live with us for 16 weeks and I got to crate & potty train her, taught her to ring the bells to go out, and needless to say we fell in love with her. 

Ron and I, then began to look seriously into the Alaskan Klee Kai and found out that Eileen lived in Peyton, Colorado which was just about 10 miles from where my Aunt lives in Calhan.  We were planning a trip to visit my Aunt and grown cousins & called Eileen to see if we would see the Klee Kai – “in live” form.  She said “Yes” and we planned a visit.  We fell in love with every puppy we held and every grown dog we saw.  How we didn’t come home with a pack still surprises us.  We came home, filled out the application & then checked the website for puppy birth announcements.  We knew when we saw Sesi, and then Tupit, we needed to get them both.  In Sept. 2006, we made a trip back to Peyton to pick up “the girls”.  Last summer, I happened to be checking Eileen’s website and saw a picture of a dark male that looked like a little (Kodiak) bear.  I just had to have that little boy and contacted Eileen once again.  I was added to the list and when she notified me that he was mine, I was thrilled.  So we now are a family with 3 Klee Kai, Sesi, Tupit and Kodi.

Brice, our oldest son, lives in San Antonio and is finishing up his Masters of Engineering and shares his life with Oscar, a puppy he rescued.  The little tiny puppy has grown into a huge 67 pound Rottie mix.  Carl our youngest son, just graduated with his Masters of Engineering, and has moved to Michigan to work for GM.  Carl just became engaged to Kimi and we will be taking Jessie to them along with a rescue Husky mix that was saved by AKKNR.  Molly and Jessie should be great friends once they figure out who is the Alpha female.

I spend any free time I have sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and painting.  I enjoy helping out in any way I can.  Ron and I are working as a team in printing and sewing up the AKK baby and AKK Dog bandannas. 

Ron and I attended the AKK Specialty in Springfield, MO a few years back and had such a great time.  We don’t show our dogs but it was wonderful to see them being shown and also to see puppies and grown dogs all together.  We have plans to travel to the next event in 2011.

 Eric Fischer, Altadena, CA ~ Director ~ July 2013

     Eric Fischer was born in 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Granada Hills, California in a family of nine children with two very attentive parents.  Eric was a member of Boy Scouts of America for eight years as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Explorer.  He was Senior Patrol Leader in Boy Scouts and Post President for the Explorer post. He attended a Catholic elementary school, Catholic high school, and Catholic seminary for college, considering the priesthood.

     After completing college and some graduate study, Eric worked in the dairy industry, sold veterinary supplies, and was in a journeyman meat cutter.   He later worked installing and repairing telephones and was promoted to management, managing courtesy training and the repair call center.   He worked under contract with AT&T to open a statewide installation dispatch center before becoming an elementary school teacher.  Eric retired from teaching in 2009.

     Eric met his life partner and husband, Richard West, in 1995 at All Saints Episcopal Church where they still both attend.  Eric has a daughter, Ashley, born in 1983, from a previous marriage.  Eric and Richard are active in the Frontrunners running club and became interested in a dog that would enjoy running with them. The first two Klee Kai they ever saw were on the trails in the Angeles National Forest near their home in Altadena, California, in 2009.  It was love at first sight. They did the research and became members of AKKAOA six months before they had an AKK of their own. 

     Eric and Richard adopted "Cruiser" from Lo Binkley and "Maggie" from Sherry Nanny, both in 2010. They have kept close contact with both Lo and Sherry whom have become mentors helping them often with useful advice. Their budding kennel is named Angels' Crest Klee Kai.  They are both active with helping put on AKKAOA UKC shows at the Hotel Claremont, and presenting Klee Kai at the annual Pet Expo in Orange County, CA.  Eric was the 2010 recipient of the AKKAOA Gail Compton Award for Sportsmanship


 Sharon Hari, Director - Huntington Beach, CA.

At 2 years old my family moved from Ohio to Long Beach, California. Since then I have lived in Garden Grove, Westminster and Huntington Beach. That’s all of about a distance of 20 miles. So I'm a stay put kinda person I guess.

I married young Ed in 1966. He is a true helpmate. Whatever interest I have had over the years, he has always shared and been tremendous help. We have 2 sons, David and Alan. David is married and lives with his wife Pilar in Washington State with their 3 children, Patrick, Kate and Grace. My other son, Alan lives with us and works in the construction trade.

I previously worked for 20 years for a major insurance carrier as a Commercial Lines Underwriting Specialist. I than made a big change, went back to school and worked for 13 years in desktop publishing and graphic design. I have been active in a local chapter of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, and Prospectors Club of Southern California. We spent many years taking geology classes at night and going on field trips and vacations with a “loose” club called ISAG (Intermittent Society of Amateur Geologists). We traveled all over the west looking for gold, rocks and the best places to eat at each stop.  My husband and I are currently retired and are kept very busy caring for our home and pets as well as activities in the AKK community.

I got my first AKK, Faro, in 2004. I had been researching breeds for several years while I was still working. I thoroughly enjoyed The Westminster Dog Show every year.  Took notes as with each breed they would go over exercise and grooming requirements, temperament, pros and cons. So in April of 2004 I went to our local Pet Expo with a short list of breeds to find what was to be my “Buddy”. Well one by one they just didn't fit. Then I discovered the AKK booth. They looked like little wolves. I of course had never seen or heard of this breed. I picked up literature and brought my husband back the next day to see them.

After that I began putting in my questionnaires to breeders from shore to shore. I expected that I would be waiting months and probably traveling a great distance to get my puppy. Well, a very short time later I received an email from Cindy Hernandez at Wild West Kennels in Winchester, CA. She had a show quality puppy, and was I interested. Well I was only looking for a pet, but…..  So I went down to see him the next day. Of course he was perfect so home we came.  And he’s been my buddy ever since. In a few weeks we went to a local show to meet some of the AKK people. Next thing you know I'm showing him. After that things snowballed.

I was soon going to shows and participating in the Pet Expo myself, helping to set up our Specialty and Multi-Breed shows with the Golden West Group of AKKAOA, working on committees, developing our AKK On-Line Pedigree Database and now serving as your Membership Secretary. Oh, and of course I now have 2 more girls, Belle from Macmali’s Den and Pearl from Starbright Alaskan Klee Kai.

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