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The Gail Compton Sportsmanship Traveling Plaque

The Sportsmanship Plaque is a traveling plaque that was donated by the Mason-Dixon Multi-Breed Dog Association in memory of Gail Compton.  The winner of this award is selected by those exhibiting in the AKK Specialty and it resides with the winner for one year.  After the year is up, the winner will than be presented with an individual plaque to keep. 


April 22, 2011—Eleventh AKK Specialty
Athens, TN
Terry Wright

July 23, 2010—Tenth AKK Specialty
Claremont, CA
Eric Fischer
Presented by: Lo Binkley


September 18, 2009 – Ninth AKK Specialty
Carlisle, PA
Chelsey Rodrigue
with Kenny Compton



July 18, 2008 - Eighth AKK Specialty
Claremont, CA
Mary Jones


October 19, 2007 - Seventh AKK Specialty
Springfield, MO
Lo Binkley


November 5, 2006 - Sixth AKK Specialty
Simpsonville, KY
Kenny Compton


November 4, 2005 - Fifth AKK Specialty
Simpsonville, KY
Judy Taninies


June 26, 2005 - Fourth AKK Specialty
Lucerne Valley, California
Lo Binkley (R)


March 11, 2005 - Third AKK Specialty
Kiowa, Colorado
Bob Cook with Dakota


October 29, 2004 - Second AKK Specialty

Lexington, Kentucky
Susan Cain, award presented by Judge Violet Denney

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